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Past Winners

(names in red are CFRW members)

2013 Winners

Historical  (Final Judge: Chelsey Emmelhainz, Editor, HarperCollins)
First Place Tom Sawyer Returns by E. E. Burke
Second Place Shadow of the Fox by Pamela Gibson
Third Plac eThe Fortress by Micki Marlow

Paranormal (Final Judge: Rebecca Strauss, Agent, DeFiore and Company.)
First Place Onyx by C. T. Green
Second Place Howlin Hearts by Kristal Hollis
Third Place Finders Keepers by Nancy Corrigan

Romantic Suspense (Final Judge:  Keyran Gerlach, Editor, Entangled Publishing.)
First Place Dangerous Dreams by Abbie Roads
Second Place New Smyrna Swing by Denise Bates Enos (w/a D.D. Queens)
Third Place Spies Who Lie by Debbie Santos Goncalves (w/a Debbie S G)

Short Contemporary (Final Judge: Rhonda Helms, Editor, Carina Press.)
First Place Coming Home by Jennifer Johnston
Second Place The Auditor and the Actor by Nancy Mallison (w/a Kat Delaney)
Third Place Triple Treat by Denise Smoker (w/a Regina Kyle)

Single Title Contemporary (Final Judge: Alicia Condon, Editor, Kensington Books.)
First Place Common Ground by Kimberly Meyer
Second Place A Time to Die by Shelia Shook
Third Place Going All the Way by Heidi Ulrich (w/a Megan Ryder)

2012 Winners

Novel with Strong Romantic Elements (Final Round: Esi Sogah, HarperCollins)

1st MERE MORTALS, Catherine Rull
2nd THE CAMEO, Kristin Contino
3rd ROOKIE MOVES, Catherine Cervantes

Short Contemporary (Final Round: Gail Chasan, Harlequin)

 1st INHERITED FAMILY, Amanda Sumner — full manuscript requested
2nd NOT ANOTHER SOLDIER, Kristin Fischer — full manuscript requested

Single Title Contemporary (Final Round: Katherine Dresser, Simon & Schuster)

2nd CLEAR AS GLASS, Lynn Kellan
3rd THE TEMPTATION, Mary Oldham
Honorable Mention KISS ME TWICE, Alexa Darin

 (A tie for third resulted in four final round entries)


 Romantic Suspense (Final Round: Katherine Pelz, Berkley)

 1st FILL OR KILL, Candace Lucas
2nd THE BARON’S BRIDE, Catherine Lawrence
3rd THE CELL, Diane Garner


 Paranormal (Final Round: Meredith Giordan, Berkley)

 1st HALO, BOOK ONE: ARRAS, Cass Green — full manuscript requested
2nd DRAGON’S DEBT TO APPLE PIE, Briana MacWilliam — full manuscript requested
3rd CALLER OF LIGHT, Teri Shaw — full manuscript requested

2011 Winners

Historical (Final Round: Helen Rosburg, Medallion Press)

1st Jennifer Bray-Weber: The Bruised Sky
2nd Chris Anna Fullerton: Hart’s Desire
3rd Averil Reisman: To Cuba With Love

Novel with Strong Romantic Elements (Final Round: Esi Sogah, Harper Collins)

1st Alison Morse: All’s Fair
2nd Robin Weaver: Styrofoam Corpse
3rd Kathy Coatney: Izzy O’Keefe Saves the Day

Paranormal (Final Round: Meredith Giordan: Berkeley)

1st Tina Moss & Yelena Casale: Blood Bond
2nd Lori Sjoberg: Grave Intentions
3rd Harris Fischer: This Time Love

Romantic Suspense (Final Round: Katharine Pelz, Berkeley)

1st Leisl Leighton: Sounding the Heart
2nd Robin Weaver: Deadly Stiff
3rd Tina Riggle: The Rookie

Short Contemporary (Final Round: Gail Chasan, Harlequin)

1st Rebecca Sampson: A Future for Abby
2nd Karen Potter: The Cowboy Way
3rd Rachael Blair: One Rogue, One Damsel

Single Title (Final Round: Kate Dresser, Pocket/Gallery)

1st Pam Gibson: Balancing Act
2nd Jeanell Bolton: Passion
3rd Linda O’Dwyer: Better than Pasta

Young Adult (Final Round: Megan Record, Kensington)

1st Stephanie Winkelhake: The Matter of Souls
2nd Larissa Hardesty: Lure
3rd Beth Watson: Getting a Life, Even if You’re Dead
4th Robin Weaver: In Deep

Erotic (Final Round: Trish Owens, The Wild Rose Press Scarlet Line)

1st Lynda Bailey: Boy Next Door
2nd Lynda Bailey: Wild Flower
3rd Kimberly Bastin: Out of This World


2010 Winners

Paranormal – Meredith Giordan, Berkley.

1st place: Christal Murphy, Awaken the Dragon – full manuscript requested
2nd place: Tamara Hughes, Bewitching the Beast – full manuscript requested
3rd place: Dawn Wolzein, Sea Panther

Young Adult – Danielle Poisz, Simon and Schuster.

1st place: Peter Andrews, Dream Crafters
2nd place: Tracy St. Hilaire, Fifteen Forever
3rd place: Bec Sampson, Alli’s Playground

Short Contemporary – Gail Chasan, Harlequin.

1st place: Dani Collins, His Majesty’s Inappropriate Mistress
2nd place: Cindy Taylor, A Family of Her Own
3rd place: Brenda Hammond, Owe My Love

Single Title – Kate Dresser, Simon and Schuster.

1st place: Robin Weaver, Book Learning
2nd place: Stephanie Faris, The Get Him System
3rd place: Dale Mayer, Hide – n – Go Seek

Historical – Helen Rosburg, Medallion Press

1st place: Jennifer Beane, Promises – partial requested
2nd place: Kayla Westra, Lady Knight – partial requested
3rd place: Sue Webb, Scenting Scandal

Novel with Strong Romantic Elements – Esi Sogah, Harper Collins.

1st place: Dawna Rand, Odin’s End
2nd place: Sandra Tilley, Call Me Cinderella
3rd place: Bobbye Terry, Coming to Climax

Romantic Suspense
– Katherine Pelz, Berkley.

1st place: Jean Mason, Buried in Plain Sight
2nd place: Jan Jackson, Runaway
3rd place: Anna Sugden, Past, Imperfect