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Central Florida Romance Writers is an affiliate chapter of the national organization of Romance Writers of America®. CFRW was incorporated on June 17, 1986 and is made up of some of Central Florida’s most dedicated romance authors. Our membership is comprised of published authors and those who are still journeying towards that goal. We meet once a month and welcome visitors. See our Membership page for information about joining CFRW.


Central Florida Romance Writers meets once a month, usually on the third Saturday of the month.


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May Workshop Title: Critique Boot Camp with guest La-Tessa Montgomery

Workshop Overview: 

Have you ever panicked, cringed, or broken out into a sweat because someone asked you for a critique?  Have you ever been tempted to tell them no because you feel you don’t have a good enough grasp on the craft of writing in order to provide them a solid critique? Or do you usually invest so much energy and time in a critique that you feel you just can’t muster up the energy to spend on one?  If so, this workshop is for you.


In this workshop, you will learn what a good critique is and how to give one by working through 6 core components that should be a part of any solid critique.  


So strap on your boots and I’ll see you there! 


















Speaker Bio:

La-Tessa Montgomery is a published author & avid writer of romance, urban fantasy, & poetry. She’s earned several contest finals, been featured in USA Today, and her debut short story, “Found Rhythm”, earned two award nominations from her publisher, including “Debut Author of the Year”. 


In addition to writing, La-Tessa is an accomplished business & marketing strategist, well versed in marketing and navigating the ever-changing online marketing & social networking avenues. She teaches a series of workshops on a variety of topics geared towards helping writers succeed at their craft and developing their platforms. When not writing, working, or teaching, La-Tessa loves traveling the world, exploring & gaining new experiences as The Spirited Traveler. 

“The Writing & Critique Group Survival Guide”  by Becky Levine https://amzn.to/3cFxopm

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