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Lori was a born a coal miner’s daughter. No wait, that’s not right.  Actually, she was born a carpenter’s daughter. Her mother was a housewife/homemaker/stay-at-home mom – whatever the politically correct term is these days.  Basically, she made sure Lori didn’t get into too much trouble, a task easier said than done.

Growing up the youngest of three girls, Lori never had control of the remote. (Not that she’s bitter about that. Really. Okay, maybe a little, but it’s not like she’s scarred for life or anything.) That meant a steady diet of science fiction and fantasy. Star Trek, Star Wars, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits – you name it, she watched it. It fed her imagination, and that came in handy when the hormones kicked in and she needed a creative excuse for being out past curfew.

After completing her first manuscript, she joined the Romance Writers of America and Central Florida Romance Writers. Now she exercises the analytical half of her brain at work, and the creative half writing paranormal romance. When she’s not doing either one of those, she’s usually spending time with her husband and children of the four-legged variety.

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I was born in Brooklyn New York, raised on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. According to my father, I learned to read at three and wouldn’t allow him to skip a page of a story. I grew up raiding my mother’s stash of books and my Aunt Patsy’s extensive library. There, I developed my love of literature, and specifically romance.


Books transported me to different worlds, and encouraged me to learn about different cultures, continents, expanding my horizons. I currently live in Central Florida with my family and our interesting pet pooch Maya.

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My name is Caitlin Labud and I have been working in Graphic Arts for 6 years, ever since I was in highschool.


I also have a Bachelors degree in Video Game Design and I worked previously with a video game company as one of their 2D Artists. I worked on 2 of their games which are out on the Android and iOS Stores.

Aside from my digital artwork, I also have a love of sewing, cooking, singing, and painting.​

I also have a passion for animals which is why my family's house is jam packed with them. My parents and I have a total of 6 dogs and 12 birds in the house. The 4 parakeets, 3 Zebra Finches, and1 of the dogs are personally mine.

Whenever I get the chance, my family and I love going up to Orlando to visit Disney World and spend the day walking around the various parks.

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Product Manager


Kerry Evelyn is the author of the Crane’s Cove series, #sweetresortromance set in Coastal Maine, a Guest Author for the Cat’s Paw Cove series, and several short stories that span multiple genres.


Kerry received a Bachelor of Science in Education and Sociology from Bridgewater State University in 2000. A native of the Massachusetts SouthCoast, she changed her latitude and now calls the Orlando area home. Kerry loves God, books, cats, traveling, taking selfies, sweet drinks, and escaping into her imagination.


You can find her on AmazonGoodreadsBookBubFacebook @KerryEvelynAuthor, Instagram @KerryEvelynAuthor, and Twitter @theKerryEvelyn. 


Product Manager


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Product Manager


Catherine Kean is an award-winning, Kindle Unlimited All-Star author of medieval romances whose creative muse has coaxed her to also write in other romance genres. 


She wrote her first medieval romance, A Knight’s Vengeance, while her baby daughter was napping, and now has a backlist of over 20 published books.


Catherine’s novels were originally published in paperback and several were released in Czech, German, and Thai foreign editions.


She’s won numerous awards for her stories, including the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence. Her novels also finaled in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, the National Readers’ Choice Awards, and the International Digital Awards (twice).


In 2019, she co-founded CPC Publishing with author Wynter Daniels and is busy writing books for the Cat’s Paw Cove Romance series.


When not working on her next book, Catherine enjoys cooking, baking, browsing antique shops, shopping with her daughter, and gardening. She lives in Central Florida with two spoiled rescue cats.

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Writing as Blair Bancroft


Although it's been more years than I care to remember, I still recall walking a mile home from school each day when I was seven, passing the time by telling myself stories. Yet because my mother was an author, it never occurred to me we could have two in the same family. So I came to writing late in life. But I still managed to win RWA's Golden Heart for Regency Historical, be a RITA nominee in the same category, win Best Regency Romance from Romantic Times magazine, Best Romance from the Florida Writers Association, and Best Young Adult from the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition.

After nine print book, I plunged into indie publishing in the winter of 2011 and never looked back. I currently have over thirty novels and novellas available online, with at least four books in the pipeline for the coming year. Long an advocate of indie publishing, I consider hand-held e-readers one of the great boons to mankind-thank you very much, Gene Roddenberry (creator of Star Trek).

I happily admit to being an "out of the mist" author. My favorite saying is: I can hardly wait to get up each morning, go to my computer, and find out what my characters are going to do today.

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Product Manager


Since the age of 13, Pam Labud wanted to be a writer.  So much so, that she asked her Mom and Dad for a typewriter for Christmas that year.  Now, a multi-published author, who’s first book was a 2006 Double RITA finalist, she has finally realized that dream.


In addition to writing Historical and Paranormal romance novels, she also writes short erotic novella’s


When she’s not writing, Pam works as a heart nurse, is married and shares her home with two daughters, 6 dogs and 5 cockatiels.​


Pam enjoys watching crime t.v. shows, reading romance fiction, suspense and Manga, and loves anime.

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