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Past Winners:

(names in red are CFRW members)

2013 Winners


Historical  (Final Judge: Chelsey Emmelhainz, Editor, HarperCollins)
First Place: Tom Sawyer Returns by E. E. Burke
Second Place: Shadow of the Fox by Pamela Gibson
Third Place: The Fortress by Micki Marlow


Paranormal (Final Judge: Rebecca Strauss, Agent, DeFiore and Company.)
First Place: Onyx by C. T. Green
Second Place: Howlin Hearts by Kristal Hollis

Third Place:Finders Keepers by Nancy Corrigan


Romantic Suspense (Final Judge:  Keyran Gerlach, Editor, Entangled Publishing.)
First Place: Dangerous Dreams by Abbie Roads
Second Place: New Smyrna Swing by Denise Bates Enos (w/a D.D. Queens)
Third Place: Spies Who Lie by Debbie Santos Goncalves (w/a Debbie S G)


Short Contemporary (Final Judge: Rhonda Helms, Editor, Carina Press.)
First Place: Coming Home by Jennifer Johnston
Second Place: The Auditor and the Actor by Nancy Mallison (w/a Kat Delaney)

Third Place: Triple Treat by Denise Smoker (w/a Regina Kyle)


Single Title Contemporary (Final Judge: Alicia Condon, Editor, Kensington Books.)
First Place
: Common Ground by Kimberly Meyer
Second Place: A Time to Die by Shelia Shook
Third Place: Going All the Way by Heidi Ulrich (w/a Megan Ryder)


2012 Winners

Novel with Strong Romantic Elements (Final Round: Esi Sogah, HarperCollins)

1st: MERE MORTALS, Catherine Rull
2nd: THE CAMEO, Kristin Contino
3rd: ROOKIE MOVES, Catherine Cervantes


Short Contemporary (Final Round: Gail Chasan, Harlequin)

 1st: INHERITED FAMILY, Amanda Sumner — full manuscript requested
2nd: NOT ANOTHER SOLDIER, Kristin Fischer — full manuscript requested


Single Title Contemporary (Final Round: Katherine Dresser, Simon & Schuster)

2nd: CLEAR AS GLASS, Lynn Kellan
3rd: THE TEMPTATION, Mary Oldham
Honorable Mention: KISS ME TWICE, Alexa Darin

 (A tie for third resulted in four final round entries)


 Romantic Suspense (Final Round: Katherine Pelz, Berkley)

 1st: FILL OR KILL, Candace Lucas
2nd: THE BARON’S BRIDE, Catherine Lawrence
3rd: THE CELL, Diane Garner


 Paranormal (Final Round: Meredith Giordan, Berkley)

 1st: HALO, BOOK ONE: ARRAS, Cass Green — full manuscript requested
2nd: DRAGON’S DEBT TO APPLE PIE, Briana MacWilliam — full manuscript requested
3rd: CALLER OF LIGHT, Teri Shaw — full manuscript requested




2011 Winners

Historical (Final Round: Helen Rosburg, Medallion Press)

1st: Jennifer Bray-Weber: The Bruised Sky
2nd: Chris Anna Fullerton: Hart’s Desire
3rd: Averil Reisman: To Cuba With Love


Novel with Strong Romantic Elements (Final Round: Esi Sogah, Harper Collins)

1st: Alison Morse: All’s Fair
2nd: Robin Weaver: Styrofoam Corpse
3rd: Kathy Coatney: Izzy O’Keefe Saves the Day


Paranormal (Final Round: Meredith Giordan: Berkeley)

1st: Tina Moss & Yelena Casale: Blood Bond
2nd: Lori Sjoberg: Grave Intentions

3rd: Harris Fischer: This Time Love


Romantic Suspense (Final Round: Katharine Pelz, Berkeley)

1st: Leisl Leighton: Sounding the Heart
2nd: Robin Weaver: Deadly Stiff
3rd: Tina Riggle: The Rookie


Short Contemporary (Final Round: Gail Chasan, Harlequin)

1st: Rebecca Sampson: A Future for Abby
2nd: Karen Potter: The Cowboy Way

3rd: Rachael Blair: One Rogue, One Damsel

Single Title (Final Round: Kate Dresser, Pocket/Gallery)

1st: Pam Gibson: Balancing Act
2nd: Jeanell Bolton: Passion
3rd: Linda O’Dwyer: Better than Pasta


Young Adult (Final Round: Megan Record, Kensington)

1st: Stephanie Winkelhake: The Matter of Souls
2nd: Larissa Hardesty: Lure
3rd: Beth Watson: Getting a Life, Even if You’re Dead
4th: Robin Weaver: In Deep

Erotic (Final Round: Trish Owens, The Wild Rose Press Scarlet Line)

1st: Lynda Bailey: Boy Next Door
2nd: Lynda Bailey: Wild Flower
3rd: Kimberly Bastin: Out of This World


2010 Winners

Paranormal – Meredith Giordan, Berkley.

1st place: Christal Murphy, Awaken the Dragon – full manuscript requested
2nd place: Tamara Hughes, Bewitching the Beast – full manuscript requested
3rd place: Dawn Wolzein, Sea Panther


Young Adult – Danielle Poisz, Simon and Schuster.

1st place: Peter Andrews, Dream Crafters
2nd place: Tracy St. Hilaire, Fifteen Forever
3rd place: Bec Sampson, Alli’s Playground


Short Contemporary – Gail Chasan, Harlequin.

1st place: Dani Collins, His Majesty’s Inappropriate Mistress
2nd place: Cindy Taylor, A Family of Her Own
3rd place: Brenda Hammond, Owe My Love


Single Title – Kate Dresser, Simon and Schuster.

1st place: Robin Weaver, Book Learning
2nd place: Stephanie Faris, The Get Him System
3rd place: Dale Mayer, Hide – n – Go Seek


Historical – Helen Rosburg, Medallion Press

1st place: Jennifer Beane, Promises – partial requested
2nd place: Kayla Westra, Lady Knight – partial requested
3rd place: Sue Webb, Scenting Scandal

Novel with Strong Romantic Elements – Esi Sogah, Harper Collins.

1st place: Dawna Rand, Odin’s End
2nd place: Sandra Tilley, Call Me Cinderella
3rd place: Bobbye Terry, Coming to Climax

Romantic Suspense – Katherine Pelz, Berkley.

1st place: Jean Mason, Buried in Plain Sight
2nd place: Jan Jackson, Runaway
3rd place: Anna Sugden, Past, Imperfect

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